Bali Kids

Bali Kids provides a medical outreach programme, taking vital healthcare and health education services to remote areas of the island. On average, some 600 children are treated and helped each month.

In 2004 a 6 year-old orphan, was found extremely ill in one of Bali’s 38 orphanages. Cowering in a small room his body was completely covered in weeping, bleeding sores and scabies. He would take a few steps then fall down. Too weak to even stand. The orphanage had no money for medical treatment and insufficient staff to give the boy any special care. With financial support from overseas sponsors the boy was taken from hospital to hospital seeking treatment but to no avail. The hospitals were overcrowded and unable to accept any more patients. Finally a private hospital was located for treatment but could not provide a bed. A foster family was sourced near the hospital and took care of the boy for 3 months until he was able to recover and returned to his original orphanage. There is no question the boy would have died had he not been found. His infections were acute and he was extremely traumatized.

Eran Svigos Clinic
Supporters were therefore inspired to establish a centre for such children in crisis. A place which could provide quality healthcare and love. Bali Kids opened in April 2005. The project provides a clean, safe environment for poor children requiring special care. The centre is open to any poor, Balinese children who require Medical or Dental attention. Background checks however are required to ensure the child’s story matches reality. The Child must be under 18 years of age and born in Bali. Priority will be given to children affected by or suffering from HIV/AIDS. Children needing to be hospitalised are provided pre and postoperative care at the centre. Short and long term accommodation is available.In 2007 the clinic was named after Eran Svigos an Australian businesswoman and jewellery designer. Eran was a regular visitor to Bali Kids and loved our children as they loved her. Eran sadly passed away, aged 34 years, in August 2007.

Hospital appointments and the logistics of organising surgery are provided by Bali Kids. Funding for surgery must be secured from outside sources as Bali Kids is only funded to provided Clinic services. Bali Kids is non-denominational and accepts all Balinese children. The children’s culture and background is always respected.


Provide funding for projects related to:

  • Mobile medical and dental outreach services, including nurses, doctors and dentist salaries.
  • Medication and nutritional supplements for residential children living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Building a library and other facilities.
  • Child heath, hygiene, diet, sex education and preventative measures regarding HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Anti-bullying and anti-smoking educational campaigns.
  • Child abuse awareness and protection.