Our Angels

“I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives."
~Tracy Chapman

Wendy Cramond

Chief Angel

A benevolent heart and full of generosity, Wendy brings her infectious smile and dedication to helping others as our lead events coordinator.

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Emilie Clairet

Health Angel

Helping others feel better is her passion, whether it's through her work or by bringing joy to underprivileged children.

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Adeline Teo

Social Media Angel

Giving and volunteering to help children bring joy and rich fulfillment to Adeline.

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Wanda Smart

Networking Angel

Caring for the environment and raising awareness drives Wanda to share her energetic passion for improving children's lives.

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Debby Meyers

Designer Angel

A deep desire to help others whilst seeing first hand how one person can make a difference.

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Debbie Hill

Tech Angel

Kindness and generosity are at the heart of Debbie’s devotion to promoting and bringing awareness to children’s causes.

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Liz Walsh

Marketing Angel

Seeing underprivileged children benefit from the Angels charitable work motivates Liz to be the best Angel she can be.

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Suzanne Sadler

Emeritus Chief Angel

With boundless energy and endless passion, Suzanne is a fearless leader whose enthusiasm and compassion inspires everyone around her.

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Helen Whitman

Angelic Founder

Inspired by another kindhearted and exceptional individual, Helen began raising awareness amongst friends.

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Kate Targett-Adams

Musical Angel Ambassador

Kate lends her beautiful angelic voice and shares her musical talents at Angels' fundraising events.

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Karen Linker

Musical Angel Ambassador

Karen is key coordinator and headline artist at Angels' musical events.

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Your Name Here

Volunteer Angel

Interested in becoming an Angel or volunteering your time to help out at our events?

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Become an Angel

Since our establishment in 2009, our passion has driven us to help children where the needs are most desperate. We realise how key it is that we, as volunteers, are pro-active in raising the profile and funds for each of our partner organizations. This is achieved by engaging with the local community, championing passionate companies and individuals to assist with well needed changes. We believe it is important to help educate our global young citizens within local schools, as they will become the future Angels. This is accomplished by coordinating and hosting events as well as giving presentations.

With that in mind it seems our work is never done......

If you can tick more than one of the boxes below, then we need you

  • Organised
  • Dedicated
  • Full of Energy
  • Passionate about the future of children
  • Expert in your industry field
  • Time on your hands