Po Leung Kuk Flag Day 2019 Po Leung Kuk Flag Day 2019
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Po Leung Kuk Flag Day 2019

Posted on Tuesday 27th August 2019

This Hong Kong wide annual fundraiser is held this year on Wednesday, August 28th.

Po Leung Kuk Flag Day is on Wednesday, August 28th, 2019. Po Leung Kuk operates more than 300 service units providing a wide spectrum of services throughout Hong Kong to more than 600,000 service users annually. Many of these service units are self-financed and require fundraising to subsidize operating expenses. Flag Day is one of Po Leung Kuk's major income streams for fundraising.

Proceeds raised from the Flag Day will be used to support a wide range of services, including: Children and Youth services, Education services, Elderly services and Rehabilitation services. They rely on your support to better serve the underprivileged. Any amount you can share will be put to the best possible use. Support Po Leung Kuk Flag Day now.