Easter Holidays in Bali

Easter Holidays in Bali

Posted on Monday 3rd June 2019

While vacationing in Bali, our newest Angel experiences first hand the impact of our fundraising efforts.

During the Easter holidays I was fortunate enough to visit Bali Kids. Along with three friends (two from Sydney and one from Hong Kong), we made the 1.5 hour journey from Nusa Dua to Seminyak.

We were greeted by Rafa, the nephew of Bali Kids founder Brent, who showed us in side. We then met Brent and Komang who gave us background on Bali Kids and explained all the amazing work they have done and are currently doing.

After our briefing, it was time for a tour of the facilities and to meet the kids. The dental clinic was unbelievable! It rivaled many a dentist clinic here in Hong Kong, with state of the art equipment and sanitisation facilities. Brent showed off his handy work with the newly painted dorm rooms and we finished the tour in the canteen area surrounded by a dozen gorgeous little faces. Brent explained the difficult lives some of these children have had to experience and told us the story of six month old baby Krishna. This left us in tears and put our lives in to perspective. The children were absolutely adorable and joyous. We felt extremely privileged that we were able to meet them.

After a photo in the garden with all the kids (this took a little while trying to get all the kids to look at the camera!) it was time to say farewell to everyone. We left the Bali Kids very humbled and pledged to help out the children with donations of medical supplies and money.

This truly was an amazing experience and I encourage anyone visiting Bali to take the time and see first hand what amazing work Angels for Children and Bali Kids do to help the lives of those less fortunate.

-Liz Walsh