The Drumming Spirit The Drumming Spirit The Drumming Spirit The Drumming Spirit The Drumming Spirit The Drumming Spirit The Drumming Spirit The Drumming Spirit The Drumming Spirit
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The Drumming Spirit

Posted on Thursday 13th April 2017

As the Angels start preparing for the next Fun Day, we reflect on the success of last year. “Beat the heat with fun!” -- that’s the spirit Odaiko wanted to share with the children at Po Leung Kuk. Here they reflect on the day.

About 100 children aged from 3 to 17 took part in the 2-hour Taiko (Japanese drumming) workshop. Odaiko has provided workshops on a number of occasions and worked with primary kids, teenagers and adults, but never on such a big-scale!

Some of the kids picked it up quickly, others seemed to have a rather unique sense of rhythm of their own, (which we think is very special) but we could see by their faces that they had discovered the fun of playing Taiko. A big hug and thank-you to all who took part in the workshop and this wonderful opportunity to share the fun of Taiko drumming. Great fun, great day!

The concept of the day is to showcase activity options that the children might like to try and then incorporate them into the “All Rounded Development Project” we have been supporting for over 5 years. We often like to challenge the youngsters with a range of activities. As well as the fantastic Taiko drum experience, the children took part in experiments with the Science Workshop team and then practiced their artistic skills learning the art of Rainbow Calligraphy. We love the framed art work the children had done for us!

A fun day wouldn’t be complete without treats and we never fail to be amazed by the support of Marks and Spencer, who kindly provide a selection of tasty treats and Wild Mylk introduced the children to their dairy-free delicious ice-cream. 

Something the children so look forward to is the chance to have their face painted by the team from Face Slap. Who love transferring artwork to the faces and arms of the children. Sometimes even the staff and the volunteers. This is a highlight of the year for both the Angels and the children and we so look forward to this year’s event on the 11th June 2017.

-Shoko San