Bali Kids June 2019 Newsletter

Bali Kids June 2019 Newsletter

Posted on Monday 22nd July 2019

A mid-year update from our charity partner regarding current projects and special sponsors.

Bali Kids June 2019 Newsletter contains news and updates about:

  • Australian Friendship Grant - as a recipient of this grant, Bali Kids can now venture into new villages throughout the districts of Tigawasa and Songan. These remote areas have challenges facing their communities such as poor hygiene, lack of water and basic health services, and limited access to education. 
  • Annual School Fees Deadline - this is the time of year Bali Kids require the most support as tuition and other school related expenses for the following term are due.
  • Fundraiser Events in Adelaide, Perth and Hong Kong - a very special thank you to Angels Fitness Challenge participants and sponsors for raising over HK$60,000 towards supporting the children under their care.

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