The Angels Wine Club

The Angels Wine Club

Posted on Monday 26th February 2018

12 bottles of the finest boutique Australian wines delivered to your door every quarter with part of the proceeds donated to Angels for Orphans.

Wine Brothers, in collaboration with Angels for Orphans, has launched the Angels Wine Club. Every quarter members will receive 12 bottles of an eclectic array of premium, small batch Australian wines delivered directly from the wine-makers right to your door. With wine tasting notes included, you will be armed with all the information you need to enjoy some of the finest boutique Australian wines. And better yet, the children charities we support will also benefit; Wine Brothers will donate 15% of the Angels Wine Club’s proceeds to Angels for Orphans. Membership for the Angels Wine Club costs just HK$1,650 per quarter. Click here to order this very special offer now.

Looking to do something unique and lively at your next corporate function or private party? Why not earn your wings and host an Angels Wine Tasting at your next event? You'll introduce your guests to a fantastic selection of small batch Austrailian wines while helping to spread the Angels mission and vision. Contact us for more details.

-Debbie Hill