Introducing Angels for Children Introducing Angels for Children
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Introducing Angels for Children

Posted on Monday 3rd September 2018

Changing our name to spread our wings!

Dear Friends,

Almost a decade ago, Angels for Orphans founder Helen Whitman chose our name to reflect our partnership with abandoned and orphaned children living at Sunrise Cambodia.

Over the years, thanks to generous community support, we have been able to expand our programs. Today we continue to proudly support Sunrise Cambodia as well as three new organisations:

 After careful deliberation, our board officially changed our name to Angels for Children.  As Angels for Orphans reaches the tender age of ten, it was felt as an organisation, that the time had come to change our name to reflect the wider spectrum of children our donors allow us to assist in South East Asia, including two Hong Kong based organisations.

There is no change in our mission and direction – our new name now encompasses all those Angels for Children is helping. With children making up 26% of the world’s population, we see a great need to develop and embrace change through better education, healthcare and well-being for underprivileged children regardless of ethnicity, gender or religion.

If you have any questions regarding our new name or would like to learn more about our partnerships, please contact us.

Over the past decade, your kindness has given increasing numbers of children the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest. Thank you for your sponsorship, generosity and your continuing support.

With love,
Suzanne Sadler

Chief Angel