7th Annual Po Leung Kuk Fun Day 7th Annual Po Leung Kuk Fun Day 7th Annual Po Leung Kuk Fun Day 7th Annual Po Leung Kuk Fun Day 7th Annual Po Leung Kuk Fun Day 7th Annual Po Leung Kuk Fun Day 7th Annual Po Leung Kuk Fun Day 7th Annual Po Leung Kuk Fun Day 7th Annual Po Leung Kuk Fun Day
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7th Annual Po Leung Kuk Fun Day

Posted on Monday 2nd July 2018

The Angels host their 7th Annual Fun Day for the children of Po Leung Kuk.

Last month the Angels hosted their 7th Annual Fun Day with 70 of the Po Leung Kuk children as part of our commitment to our All Rounded Development Programme.

Angels MC, Doris Chan kept us on schedule throughout the event. Kick starting us off with the presentation of the funds for the programme for the coming year, which the Angels have raised from a number of events. This was followed by a showcase of enegetic Skip Rope and the mesmerising performance of our mini traditional Lion Dances.

Harmonicist, Claris Chan winner of the SCMP Student of the Year in the Performing Artist Category gave an endearing performance of some great classics from Frozen and Titanic pleasing all in the audience. Thanks Claris for your natural engagement with the children. We know they will be keen to learn from you and we were all awestruck by your wonderful talent with the mini harmonica.

The afternoon activities ranged from shield and canvas painting managed by United Outcomes with the help from a number of returning volunteers from Lacoste. We loved the laughter coming from the children who spent time with Kimi, Sandy and Rocky (from J-Magic) with their balloon making and magic. Outside in the glorious sun we had the Hong Kong Football Club Junior Netball Academy coaches; Cheryl White and her team shoot some hoops and let the children unleash some pent up energy. Chaos with the little ones and certainly some potential netballers of the future.

The snack table is one section that no one ever misses a visit to. Thank you to Complete Deelite for their donation of mini cup cakes and a huge thanks to the Marks & Spencer crew for the biscuits and savoury snacks. Both companies have supported us since our first ever Fun Day and we genuinely appreciate that. THANK YOU. In fact, the Angels found it hard to turn any returning visitors away when asking for more. With a smile and a thank you, they left the table happy. Just the way it should be.

This event is one of the highlights of the year for the children and also the Angels. This year we had a great turn out of Angels and they went wild as Tattoo artists this year. We could not run this event without your dedication. Good job as always ladies!

Capturing every moment, was a new recruit, Brent Pottinger our event photographer. We thought you were rather brave letting the children loose with your camera but to be fair maybe we will see some super star photographers emerge amongst them. Thanks for being part of a fun afternoon.

Thanks as always to the Po Leung Kuk team for all that you do for the children. We received so many wonderful comments about how polite and well mannered the children were and that is a credit to everyone. We look forward to working together during the next 6 months.

-Suzanne Sadler

"When you spend, what you feel, is your whole life, working in an office in front of a computer.. many can come to wonder what we can do to give back to our Community, to those who have less than us, to our cities, when we ourselves are so busy? For the past few years, United Outcomes has made it a priority to give back, to provide what we can whether it be hands on help, IT support or providing arts and crafts for the Angels for Children 7th Annual Fun Day at Po Leung Kuk, as this is what life is about! We have been part of a few Angels for Children events these past 5 years and I can’t stress at the positive impact it has had on our team and their families. We will continue to donate any time that we can because when you can physically see the joy and happiness from the little time it takes to volunteer, it makes every second worth it!"

-Maria Brusuelas, United Outcomes