12 Years in Residential Care 12 Years in Residential Care
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12 Years in Residential Care

Posted on Tuesday 31st July 2018

A prior resident of Sunrise Cambodia shares his story of abduction, choices and reunion.

We hear many stories of children in need, neglected or worse off, abused. The plights of many of these children are still on-going and often very complicated. However once in a while we will receive an update to a story that makes our hearts swell; validating that hope does exist and proving how every little bit of effort counts towards something bigger and better.

This letter was shared with us from our partner Sunrise Cambodia, written by a previous resident in his own words.

My name is Khorn Vichhay, I’m 16 years old. I study in grade 9 at Hun Sen Wat Svay High School. I’ve been living in Sunrise Cambodia for 12 years since 2007. Before I arrived and stay in Sunrise when I was 5 years old. I lived with my mother in Phnom Penh, but unfortunately I was taken from my mother by a strange man. He took me to everywhere until I arrive in Siem Reap and he stole a motor-bike from a man, he left me with the owner of the motor-bike. Then the man decided to report to the police and notice that I was taken from my mother, The police asked me where do I want to live and he gave me two choices are he will take me to an orphanage or stay with the owner of the motor-bike. So I chose to stay in Sunrise and it was a good choice that was how I came to be part of Sunrise Cambodia.

Life is changed since I’ve been in Sunrise, I’ve got my chance to study English and my own native language and computer skills as well. And many opportunities to study and go overseas, however, I had been to Australia for my very first time in my life and I felt very lucky that took this chance. Somehow if I’ve taken a wrong choice not to stay in Sunrise, my life wouldn’t bright like nowadays and I wouldn’t have chance to study English and computer skills and I won’t be able to apply to abroad. I also won’t be able to speak English very well. I might not be lucky enough if I chose not to stay in Sunrise, because I’ve met my mother back, this is the best thing in my life. One more thing that I’ve learnt about myself is not to give up, that is how I tell myself to try my best to achieve my goal and to study hard and graduate high school. Overall I know that what I’m good at, so I’m in to technology and I’m best in computer skills too.

-Debbie Hill