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Hong Kong Living Magazine

Posted on Thursday 2nd December 2021

Hong Kong Living magazine interviews Angels For Children’s new Chief Angel, Wendy Cramond.

/in Influencers /by Nicole Slater

“To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world,” That’s the motto for Hong Kong-based children’s charity, Angels For Children, who support poverty stricken children across Hong Kong and Asia."

Founder Helen Whitman first sponsored a child at Sunrise Cambodia, a charity that focuses on Cambodia’s most vulnerable children. This inspired her journey into charity work, hosting ‘Pay For Your Plate’ dinner parties with friends to raise funds for children in need. She started her own philanthropic network, Angels For Children, supporting children across Hong Kong and Asia in 2006, which officially became a registered charity three years later. 

They now work with three more partner charities to help children on the poverty line, including Po Leung Kuk, a residential children’s home in Causeway Bay, Bali Kids, a centre that caters to children living with HIV/AIDS and The Society for Community Organisation. 

“Hong Kong, like most major cities, is a place of ‘haves and have nots’ but few places  in the world with such a wide wealth gap,” says Wendy Cramond, Chief Angel at Angels For Children. Since the pandemic, poverty in the city reportedly doubled with the number of families requesting help from Soco almost trebling to 4,000 this year. 

“Children living in low-income households generally face health, social and educational disadvantages. Under-privileged local families will undoubtedly be living in cramped and poor-quality homes, be facing a shortage of healthy meals and will struggle to provide basic school essentials,” she says. 

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