SoCO Flag Day 2019

SoCO Flag Day 2019

Event Date: Wednesday 24th July 2019 to Wednesday 24th July 2019
Venue: Kowloon

Society for Community Organization (SoCO) champions the rights of the grassroots in Hong Kong, serving the families living on boats in the 1970s, to those living in sub-divided units and the homeless nowadays. SoCO has been supporting the underprivileged and assisting the grassroots in participating in social actions so as to protect their rights and live a life with dignity.


Donate or become a volunteer on 24th July 2019 (Wednesday) in Kowloon!

Funds raised will be used for serving children living in poor families and promoting civil rights education. Please contact Ms. KWAN Pui Sim or Ms Yuen Shuk Yan at 2725 3165/ 2713 9165 for more information.